PLDH is a training and information network on human rights. PLDH is a local law association founded in Strasbourg (France) in 2006.

It contributes to the training of young European lawyers in order to provide practical expertise as a supplement to university education. In this way, it helps the younger generation to grasp current human rights issues through meetings with experts. Thanks to this synergy, innovative solutions are thought out and envisaged in an effort to make the rights of each individual fully effective. 

The association also makes its experts available to young professionals (European or non-European) in order to train them with regard to human rights. 
It also makes its experts available to the general public for information and exchanges on human rights in the form of conferences, webinars and publications available free of charge. 

It does not deal with individual cases before national or European courts. 

This form only concerns first-time PLDH memberships, not membership renewals or resumptions. In accordance with the articles of association, the Committee of the association reserves the right to refuse membership to any person. 

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