MootCourt Russia

In partnership with the Moscow Office of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, the PLDH association organises a session of its Moot Court, i.e. the Moot Court Russia. This contest is part of an annual summer school organised by the United Nations in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for Russian students enrolled in various universities throughout the country.

In English, the mock trial pits teams from universities belonging to the Consortium of Russian Universities: the Russian People’s Friendship University, MGIMO University, the Russian State University for the Humanities, the Federal University of Kazan and Perm State University.

Team spirit in the defence of rights

After the written phase, which lasts for several weeks, the oral phase of Moot Court Russia takes place over a few days, during which the tension gradually increases. All of the teams take part in the first round, but only the two best teams meet in the final in front of a jury of high-level experts. From the comments, it’s clear that even if the horizon and the language are not the same, the enthusiasm around the moot court does not vary: the trial simulation is always a great success because of the experience that it enables the participants to acquire.

“This is a huge life experience, in particular with oral arguments we will face during our career”. 

Winner of the 2015 Edition

A dynamic version of human rights

True to its tradition, PLDH invites the participants of the Moot Court Russia to focus on topics at the crossroads between human rights and the economic world. In this way, the debate revolves around topical issues that have not yet been resolved by the courts, leaving considerable room for innovative solutions. The juries consist of academics and human rights experts from different countries, which is a unique opportunity for participants to exchange with European legal specialists in human rights.