About us

Our association puts its expertise at the service of the cause that it defends

The association Plaider les droits de l’homme (Advocating for Human Rights) is based on three essential principles that guide its action and functioning. PLDH is therefore a unique kind of association since it defends the effectiveness of rights both by training the younger generations in the legal tools essential to the implementation of fundamental freedoms, and by supporting them in the construction of a professional project that builds on their acquired skills.

The network put together by PLDH enables it to develop its activities and tools while relying on the skills of the various experts that comprise it.

1. Commitment

PLDH is a committed association that promotes the effectiveness of human rights. It defends a noble idea of human rights and rejects the excessive pessimism that too often still surrounds this fundamental issue for any democracy.

  • The association organises training activities in the field of human rights, mainly for young lawyers.
  • The association prepares publications on subjects related to the effectiveness of human rights.
  • The association puts its expertise at the service of the public and the media
Over the years, PLDH has refined its activities and expanded its horizons..

2.Multiculturalism, antiracism and anticolonialism

PLDH is a multicultural, deeply anti-racist and anti-colonialist association. It defends the set-up of an open society based on equality and freedom for all.

  • The association is run on democratic principles.
  • The association bases its development on the cultural, linguistic and professional diversity of its members.
  • The association is apolitical and non-religious. It does not represent the interests of any political party.
  • The association is mainly European and intervenes outside of Europe only through its members present on-site and who have sufficient knowledge of the country.
Our activities federate around a common commitment.

3. Mentoring

As an association, PLDH aims to bridge the gap between young generations and professionals. This mentoring network enables the younger generations to take their place within the labour market while building on their specific competence in the field of human rights.

  • The association works with the younger generations as they put together a professional project.
  • The association consists of a network of professionals with a range of experiences in the field of human rights, and people interested in promoting this aspect within the labour market.
  • The association organises networking events to bring together young people and professionals.